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Bella Initiative of Grace

At The Bella Group, our culture is driven and defined by the desire to ADD VALUE and give back meaningfully to those we serve. The Bella Group culture thrives on creating opportunities for our team members to find ways to give, from company-sponsored volunteer opportunities and paid volunteer hours to encourage team members to participate in the Bella Initiative of Grace (BIG) Fund. Through a company culture that values philanthropy and giving more than we receive, we challenge our team members to see the ways in which every small act can make a BIG difference to the communities in which we work, live, and give.


The Bella Group | BIG Fund | 2023 Summary Report

The Bella Group | BIG Fund | 2023 Summary Report | Download Report


What is the BIG Fund?

The BIG Fund exists to extend the grace we receive as we seek to “love our neighbor” through the financial support of organizations working to improve the health and safety of those most in need of an advocate. Through this initiative, we have partnered with our team members and investors to give generously to organizations that help extend grace to those in need.

What makes an organization a good fit for the BIG Fund? The organization should serve one of the following causes in helping the underserved:

Basic Essentials






From our owners and investors to our employees, residents, vendors, family, and friends, we encourage all members of the Bella family to participate in the BIG Fund. Team members may serve as “Champions” by nominating an organization to receive a grant.

Making a BIG Difference Locally, Nationally, Globally

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Creating a Culture of Contribution

Beyond BIG

Through the BIG Fund and the other philanthropic efforts of The Bella Group, team members have made lasting positive impacts on their communities — locally, nationally, and globally — through a variety of programs and opportunities, including:

Employee Payroll Donations
PTO Volunteer Program
Local Fundraising Projects
Annual BIG GiveBack Events
National Disaster Support

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