Character and Ethos

Our Culture

Our teammates and stakeholders may not remember the apartment tours, work orders, or distribution checks. But we’ll never forget how it felt to live or work here and the kind of people we became as a result.

Our Vision

Lives well lived.

Our Purpose

Adding value to people while adding value to assets.

Our Virtues

We hold to a shared set of virtues rather than values. 

Virtues being what we DO.  Values being what we BELIEVE.

Contagious Joy

Wholehearted Service

Meaningful Work

Outcome-Based Success

The Bella Group

Bella Culture

How do we define company culture?

Our culture is our character and ethos.

It’s the sum of our micro-behaviors, decisions, standards, habits, language, virtues, and purpose.

While our culture is influenced by what we believe, it is defined by how we act. It’s known by how people talk about us when we’re not around. It only works if we intentionally focus on it., visibly participate in it, and vocally champion it.

And how do we define what our culture isn’t?

Culture isn’t…

  • A list of HR benefits
  • (Only) Fun and comradery
  • The responsibility of one person
  • A magical set of rules
  • Accidental

How does culture affect our work?

Culture informs our decisions. It sets our standards. It guides our interactions.

Culture is the glue that holds us together when things get tough. It’s how we know to answer things like:

  • Is that email so important that I need to return it today or can it wait until tomorrow?
  • Is the quality of this documentation good enough or should I keep working on it?
  • Do I need to join the meeting invite, or should I politely excuse myself from it?
  • How hard do I need to study my industry?
  • If a process is broken in the company, should I say something? Whom should I tell?
  • Is success more important than ethics?

A great culture (alone) won’t make us a great company though. If our “service + work” isn’t world-class or residents don’t want what we provide, then Bella will fail no matter how good our culture is.

For The Bella Group, this means we can have a talented team operating within the best market conditions, but with a poor culture our team won’t be engaged, and our success will potentially be marred with a mediocre reputation. With a less-than-talented team and an outstanding culture, even great market conditions might not bring success.

It’s our goal to develop the most talented, engaged team within an outstanding company culture so that when an inevitable turn in the marketplace happens, everyone is still set up for success!

How do we shape culture?

One word. Intentionally.

Each resident process, company communication, and team member interaction shapes it.

Every team member affects it.

Much like growing a garden, culture must be planted, watered, weeded, tended, etc.

Consistent communication and feedback about our internal culture are prioritized and welcomed by company leadership.

What do we want The Bella Group’s culture to be?

The culture that works for Apple could never work for Amazon. Our culture is uniquely ours.

Our Culture vs. Not Our Culture

  • It’s about our life’s work, not about just going to work.
  • We foster joy internally, not externally.
  • We provide whole-hearted service, not half-hearted service.
  • We value diligently working, not overworking.
  • We wrestle with ideas, not people.
  • We value candor given with love and respect, not candor only.
  • We define and experience success through impact, not only by the bottom line.
  • We all must understand team priorities, not just our own priorities.
  • Small problems are kept small and not neglected so they become big problems.
  • Residents view us as curators of their living spaces, not just as their landlord.
  • We honor our teammates’ identities including professional, personal, physical, emotional, and cultural. We don’t see them as only workers.
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